Special Discussion: Michael K. Brown on racial injustice today

On May 31, 2015, we hosted Research Professor Michael K. Brown for a special post-show discussion about Mount Misery and racial justice today.

Click here to read text of his talk.

Michael K. Brown is a Research Professor, Department of Politics, University of California, Santa Cruz. He is the author of several books including Working the Street: Police Discretion and the Dilemmas of Reform (Russell Sage Foundation, 1988); Race, Money, and the American Welfare State (Cornell University Press, 1999), and Whitewashing Race: The Myth of a Color-Blind Society (University of California Press, 2003), which he co-authored with a team of social scientists. Whitewashing Race received the 1st Annual Benjamin L. Hooks Outstanding Book Award and a Gustavus Myers Outstanding Books Award. His work has appeared in the Du Bois Review,Studies in American Political Development, and Political Science Quarterly among other journals.