The Mineola Twins

September 28 – October 29, 2017

press opening: October 2, 2017

Hilarious and absurd yet startlingly familiar: The Mineola Twins is Pulitzer Prize winner Paula Vogel's rarely seen, razor sharp satire about domestic upheaval in times of political progress and in the rise of conservatism. Myrna is the "good" twin: straight-as-an arrow, traditional in her values, and totally stacked in the chestal area. Myra is the "evil" twin: rebellious, unabashedly promiscuous, and – in contrast to her sister – flat-chested. Spanning three decades from the Eisenhower Administration through George H. W. Bush, The Mineola Twins follows the growing and eventually insurmountable chasm between these two sisters through the women's movement, examining what happens when the person you expected to fight at your side becomes your own adversary and greatest threat.

The Cutting Ball Variety Pack

February 2 – February 13, 2018

The Cutting Ball Variety Pack is a festival with three components: The Directors Series, The Playwrights Series, and The Reading Series.

The Directors Series: The Directors Series is a program of short works dedicated to directorial exploration and experimentation. With the aim of introducing audiences to a broad array of experimental techniques across a single evening of performance, The Directors Series is interdisciplinary, promoting collaboration between mediums of theater, music, and movement and crossing cultural and linguistic boundaries. The Directors Series places a premium on the inventive capacities of its lead artists and encourages and supports them to make brave choices. Four short pieces helmed by four directors – including Artistic Director Paige Rogers, and choreographer Daria Kaufman featuring dancer Randee Paufve – will make up this program which will run for two weekends on Cutting Ball's mainstage.

The Playwrights Series: The Playwrights Series is an incubator for experimental new works. Two unproduced and unpublished plays will be selected from a pool of 150 submissions; these plays may be wildly different from one another but both are rooted in a poetic logic, rather than a naturalistic one, while pushing theatrical expectations and conventions in form and content. Selected playwrights will receive a week-long developmental workshop where – in close collaboration with a director, a team of actors, and designers – they'll focus on conceptualizing a full production of the play. At the end of this week, each play will be given two public staged readings on Cutting Ball's mainstage. The Playwrights Series reflects Cutting Ball's commitment to the new experimental canon and the emerging artists who will shape it.

The Reading Series: The Reading Series is designed to rally groups of performers and curious listeners for informal, one-time-only readings of plays that may find their way to Cutting Ball's stage in future seasons, or that are just plain exciting to the company's core artists. The Reading Series invites audiences to peek into Cutting Ball's artistic hivemind to get acquainted with classical, canonized, modern and new works and provides Cutting Ball's artists the space to explore and engage with prospective plays in depth.

Timon of Athens

March 30 – April 29, 2018

press opening: April 5, 2018

Timon of Athens is one of Shakespeare’s neglected classics, featuring some of the bard's more experimental verse paired with some of his best poetry. This play – written in collaboration with Thomas Middleton – tracks two parallel lives: that of Timon, a rich philanthropist, and that of Alcibiadies, a military commander. Both men are betrayed by the people of Athens but face their betrayals in stark contrast. While Timon retreats to the wilderness to live as a hermit, Alcibidies mounts a military campaign to bring his former homeland to its knees. This beautiful and bitter satire inspired much of Samuel Beckett's work, three and a half centuries later.