Hidden Classics Reading Series

This FREE Sunday afternoon readings series used to be the best kept secret in town. Member reservations are strongly encouraged. All readings at 1PM at The Cutting Ball Theater, in residence at EXIT on Taylor 277 Taylor Street

Click on the titles below for more information about each reading.

Past Readings This Season

The Natural Relations and other plays

By Qorpo Santo
In new translations by Andrew Saito
November 3, 2013

Cutting Ball opens this season’s Hidden Classics Reading Series with a new translation by resident playwright of the work of Brazilian playwright Qorpo Santo. Regarded in his day as insane, Santo’s plays were rediscovered by intellectuals in the … [Read more]


By Sophocles
Directed by Paige Rogers
November 10, 2013

In this seminal Greek play by Sophocles, Antigone defies the royal edict not to bury the body of her brother Polynices sent out by her uncle Creon. Exploring the struggle between the individual and the state, this elegant tragedy about tyrannical … [Read more]

The Police

By Sławomir Mrożek
Directed by Rem Myers
February 9, 2014

Peace and order are finally achieved when the last political prisoner is released and opposition to the state no longer exists. But what will happen to the police when there is no more civil disobedience? How will they perform their … [Read more]

The Balcony

By Jean Genet
Directed by David Sinaiko
March 9, 2014

A landmark of experimental theater and a profound meditation on power and illusion, The Balcony follows a group of patrons at an upscale brothel who role play as “pillars of society” while a revolution rages outside in the surrounding city. … [Read more]

Venus and Adonis

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Rob Melrose
April 27, 2014

Presented as a one-woman piece featuring Cutting Ball Associate Artist Ponder Goddard, this long poem from Shakespeare, inspired by a passage from Ovid’s Metamorphosis, depicts the love between the goddess Venus and the hunter Adonis. Celebrated for its visionary … [Read more]

Rabinal Achi

An ancient Mayan play
Translated by Dennis Tedlock
Directed by Lakin Valdéz
May 4, 2014

This 600-year-old Mayan performative text is a rare example of pre-Hispanic tradition that is still performed in Mexico today. Told through masked dance, theater, and music, this origin story of the Mayan people reenacts a … [Read more]