Avant GardARAMA!

October 5 – October 23

a sampler of short experimental works

Storming the Cutting Ball mainstage for the first time since 2008, Avant GardARAMA! returns with a raucous anthology production of short, sharp experimental works showcasing the craft of some of the Bay Area's most enterprising directors. Brace for the impact and free your expectations because there's no telling what may materialize in this daring and delectable sampler of radical, boundary-busting performance.

Hedda Gabler

January 19 – February 26

by Henrik Ibsen
directed by Yury Urnov

Hedda has returned from her honeymoon with a sigh of ennui, burdened by a husband who fails to ignite or enthrall her, and a new life that fails to impress. But when old acquaintances come knocking, Hedda discovers a direction and purpose manipulating the fates of those around her with callous abandon, resulting in deadly and disastrous ends.


April 20 – May 21

by Jean Racine
in a new translation by Rob Melrose
directed by Ariel Craft

Secret desires unleashed, ruinous deceits perpetrated, a once-noble family destroyed… Isn't it astonishing what loneliness can do to a person? Once a devoted wife and a model mother, Phèdre’s resolve swiftly cracks as the attraction to her maturing stepson becomes inescapable and all-enveloping. Impossible passions and absolute taboos clash in Racine's classic, Phèdre, the reigning champion of salacious and scandalous familial dysfunction with roots in ancient Greek tragedy.