December 28, 2010 Volume 7, Issue 10
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From Associate Artistic Director Paige Rogers

Dear Cutting Ball Family,

Thank you so much for such a good year! Thank you for buying so many memberships. Thank you for understanding last year when I had to postpone Bone to Pick and Diadem due to illness (they open January 20). Thanks for your emails with lots of suggestions and praise. Thank you for valuing experimental theater. Thanks for living in the Bay Area.

As we close out 2010, please consider making a tax deductible donation to Cutting Ball Theater. We could really use your support, big and small. See you at the theater next year!

Very Sincerely,


Free Speech Crisis in Hungary

A friend of mine is a theater critic in Hungary and she says that the current situation in her country parallels Germany in the 1930s to a frightening degree. Here are some links about what is happening in Hungary right now. The first is a recent article in the NY Times and the second is a Facebook petition.