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Cutting Ball Theater Announces 2014-15 Season
Cutting Ball Theater Closes 15th Season with Communique n° 10
Cutting Ball Theater Receives Recognition from the American Theatre Wing
Sidewinders Wins Rella Lossy Playwright Award


Hassan (back, Damien Seperi), Anne (on bench, Ponder Goddard), Yag (l, Wiley Naman Strasser), and Damien (r, Paris Hunter Paul) listen to news of the riot in Communiqué n° 10.

Anne (Ponder Goddard) listens as Damien (Paris Hunter Paul) explains his actions to Hassan (unseen) in Communiqué n° 10

The Child (top c. Hugo Carbajal) broadcasts Communiqué n° 9 with news of the riot as his band of Children (l. Maura Halloran, r. Wiley Naman Strasser) and the Old Man (seated, Aaron Malberg) listen in Communiqué n° 10.

Marlene (Maura Halloran) tells Hassan (Damien Seperi) that she wants to participate in the demonstrations after his brother’s murder in Communiqué n° 10

Anne (Ponder Goddard) waits while Damien (Paris Hunter Paul) keeps a lookout for intruders in Communiqué n° 10

The Old Man (l, Aaron Malberg) asks Hassan (r, Damien Seperi) to sing him to sleep in Communiqué n° 10

l-r, Marlene (Maura Halloran), Hassan (Damien Seperi), Yag (Wiley Naman Strasser) and Anne (Ponder Goddard) listen to news of the riot in in Communiqué n° 10

Photos by Laura Mason