Life is a Dream

Written by Pedro Calderón de la Barca
In a new translation by Andrew Saito
Directed by Paige Rogers
October 2 – November 1, 2015
Gala Opening: October 9

The rightful prince Segismundo has been imprisoned by his father, the king following a prophecy: Segismundo will bring his country turmoil and his patriarch an untimely death. Yet suddenly the prince is set free. What is a young man to do in the wide world when he’s never known anything but his solitary tower? And is his fleeting freedom a reality – or is it just a dream?

Cutting Ball favorite David Sinaiko and son Asher Sinaiko, making his Cutting Ball debut, square off as King and Prince in Life is a Dream, their struggle fueled by live percussion scored for the production. Directed by Acting Artistic Director Paige Rogers and in a new translation by Resident Playwright Andrew Saito, Cutting Ball infuses fresh life and characteristic edge into Calderon’s lauded classic.


Asher Sinaiko
Asher Sinaiko
David Sinaiko
David Sinaiko
Peter Warden
Peter Warden
Sango Tajima
Sango Tajima
Grace Ng
Grace Ng
Michael Turner
Michael Turner
Matthew Hannon
Matthew Hannon
Barry Despenza
Barry Despenza
Lead percussionist,guard
Samantha Behr
Samantha Behr


Director Paige Rogers delivers a physically exuberant production…From the very start, this 75-minute version of the Dreamcomes out swinging.
– Chad Jones, Theaterdogs

[Life is a Dream] gains a degree of added resonance through the casting of Cutting Ball veteran David Sinaiko as Basilio and his son, Marin Academy junior Asher Sinaiko as Segismundo. The depth of connection, both affectionate and competitive, between king and prince is readily apparent
– Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

Director Paige Rogers uses playful staging and a whimsical cast to infuse this traditionally dense and multi-motiffed play with energy, movement and (gasp) fun!
– Rhonda Shrader, DogMom's Dish

"Life is a Dream,” directed by Paige Rogers and with a new translation from Andrew Saito, is shrouded in intensity.
-Ariana Vargas, Daily Cal

Production Team

  • Paige Rogers, Director
  • Andrew Saito,
  • Michael Locher, Set Designer
  • Courtney Flores, Costume Designer
  • Hamilton Guillén, Lighting Designer
  • Carissa Ibert, Dramaturg
  • Josie Felt, Stage Manager and Sound Designer



Associate Producers:

  • Janet Maughan and Steven Kimczak

Actor Sponsors:

  • Vivian and Michael Brown ( sponsoring Mr. David Sinaiko)
  • Mary-Kay Gamel and Tom Vogler (sponsoring Ms. Tajima)
  • Pat and Stuart Lum (sponsoring Mr. Asher Sinaiko)
  • Group I (Sponsoring Mr. Turner)

A Special Thanks to our Hospitality Sponsors:

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Photo Credit: Fiona McDougall, OneWorldPhoto 2015

King Basilio (l. David Sinaiko) and Prince Segismundo (r. Asher Sinaiko) square off as their armies face one another.

King Basilio (c. David Sinaiko) is beloved by his nephew (l. Matthew Hannon) and niece (r. Grace Ng ), who may take the throne after he retires.

Clotaldo (l. Peter Warden) counsels his ward Segismundo (r.Asher Sinaiko)

l-r, Cousins Astolfo (Matthew Hannon) and Segismundo (Asher Sinaiko) battle for the throne of Poland.

Rosaura (l. Sango Tajima) and Clarín (r. Michael Wayne Turner III) accidentally find themselves in a prison tower after fleeing to Poland from their native Russia.