The Mineola Twins

by Paula Vogel
directed by Ariel Craft
Identical is relative
September 28 – October 29, 2017
press opening: October 2, 2017

Hilarious and absurd yet startlingly familiar, The Mineola Twins marks the first appearance of Pulitzer Prize winner Paula Vogel's words on the Cutting Ball stage. Ariel Craft directs this rarely seen, razor sharp satire about domestic upheaval in times of political progress and in the rise of conservatism.

About the play:

Myrna is the "good" twin: straight-as-an arrow, traditional in her values. Myra is the "evil" twin: rebellious and unabashedly promiscuous. Even their chest sizes are in explicit contrast. Spanning three decades from the Eisenhower Administration through George H.W. Bush, The Mineola Twins follows the growing and eventually insurmountable chasm between these two sisters through the women's movement, examining what happens when the person you expected to fight at your side becomes your own adversary and greatest threat.

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<strong>Ariel Craft</strong>
Ariel Craft
<b>Elissa Beth Stebbins</b>
Elissa Beth Stebbins
Myra / Myrna
<strong>Sango Tajima</strong>
Sango Tajima
Jim / Sarah
<strong>Steve Thomas</strong>
Steve Thomas
Kenny / Ben


Design Team:
Scenic Designer: Michael Locher
Costume Designer: Morgan Louie
Lighting Designer: Jacqueline Steager
Sound Designer: Sara Witsch
Properties Designer: Genevieve Perdue


 The Mineola Twins is made possible in part by Associate Producer Eric Brown and Janine Paver, Amanda Felson, Marty Krasney, Tom and Stephanie Lima, and Laura and Meg Mason.