The Playwrights Series

How do you turn words into characters? What do playwrights learn from actors? Watch words come to life.
 The Playwrights Series is an incubator for experimental new works. Two unproduced and unpublished plays, selected from a pool of 150 script submissions, are presented in staged readings after a week-long developmental process to refine authorial vision and further craft these in-progress scripts. These two plays may be wildly different from one another but both push theatrical expectations and conventions in form and content. The Playwrights Series reflects Cutting Ball's commitment to the new experimental canon and the emerging artists who will shape it.
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    by Kate Tarker

    Monday, February 5 at 7pm
    Tuesday, February 6 at 7 pm

    With the war finally over, Grotilde – a once gargantuan, ceaselessly desirable woman – and General Itterod decide to wed. But, with the knowledge that every marriage ends in heartbreak, the two decide to jump right to the main event and plan an extravagant, celebratory divorce instead. In her new comedy, THUNDERBODIES, playwright Kate Tarker constructs a muscular and unrelenting war-torn world with an absurd language all its own.

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    <strong>Kate Tarker</strong>
    Kate Tarker

  • Complex (KOM-pleks)
    by Alexa Derman

    Monday, February 12 at 7pm
    Tuesday, February 13 at 7 pm

    Katie isn’t a genius but Max – the guy she's been "casually" hooking up with – just might be. Maybe it's because he's a boy? Alexa Derman, a young woman in the arts, writes intimately and incisively about what it's like to be a young woman in the arts. Complex (KOM-pleks) is a taut and funny-scary play about the gender politics of brilliance and how to survive as a “bright and promising” teenager who feels anything but.

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    <strong>Alexa Derman</strong>
    Alexa Derman

The Playwright Series is made possible in part by Suzanne Johnson Schlenger.