Mayakovsky: A Tragedy

Vladimir Mayakovsky: A Tragedy
by Vladimir Mayakovsky
Translated by Paul Schmidt
Directed and Designed by Rob Melrose

Production Staff

Stage Manager Ryan Durham
Set Design Rob Melrose
Costume Design Amsel Zivkovich
Original Sound Design and Music David Levison
Lighting Design Rob Melrose
Video and Slides Rob Melrose and Michael Ferris Gibson
Costume and Prop Assistance Mathew Malkin
Technical Assistance Kevin Darmody
Dan Knox


Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky, a poet 20 –
25 years old
Nathan Aaron Place
An old man with scrawny black cats, a couple of thousand years old David Austin-Gröen
A woman with one ear Elise Langer
A man with a long face Gabriel Diamond
An enormous woman, maybe twenty feet tall Adriana Baer (8/3-10, 8/18-20)
Lara Mathers (8/11-18)
An ordinary young man Michael Ferris Gibson
A woman with one eye and one leg Elizabeth Bullard
A woman who cries ordinary tears Meara O’Reilly
A woman who cries little tiny tears Elise Langer
A woman who cries great big tears Adriana Baer (8/3-10, 8/18-20)
Lara Mathers (8/11-17)
A man with two kisses Gabriel Diamond
A rich lady who never says a thing Kris Wasley