Risk Is This…

RISK IS THIS…THE CUTTING BALL NEW EXPERIMENTAL PLAYS FESTIVAL  is one of the only play festivals in America solely dedicated to experimental works for the stage. This year’s festival features three new works in staged readings that push the boundaries of what theater can be.

all of what you love and none of what you hate 

By Phillip Howze
Directed by Margo Hall
March 11 – 12, 2016

A light flickers on. A young girl's universe ruptures. In a desperate search for answers, will she find redemption or be carried away by the conflicted world around her? all of what you love and none of what you hate explodes our contemporary culture in a symphony of sound and social media.


Written by Alex Johnson
Directed by Ariel Craft
March 18 – 19, 2016
Some people try to build a scale model of the Crazy Horse Memorial out of Legos. Some people try very hard to fall in love. Some people try to find where they are right now by thinking about where they were just a second ago. A young couple, driven by a vision, travel to work at The Crazy Horse Memorial in Custer, SD. On the way, they get lost, and get some terrible directions. When they finally arrive, it becomes harder to say just exactly where they are.


By Bennett Fisher
Directed by Rem Myers
March 25 – 26, 2016

When a cryptic but ominous letter arrives from her brother on the oil fields, thirteen-year-old Cozbi sets off for Valdez, Alaska to find him. Armed with a book by Donald Trump and an axe, Cozbi battles her way through the Arctic wilderness, squaring off against a host of monstrous Ass-Hats on each rung of the corporate ladder. Part mythic journey, part workplace satire, BOREALIS is a darkly comic adventure about family obligation, career aspiration, and what we leave behind to make our way to the top.